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Quick Statistics
Worst Defence
Pos Team GA
1 Hull 80
2 Swansea 70
3 Sunderland 69
4 Watford 68
5 Bournemouth 67
6 West Ham 64
7 Leicester 63

Best Attacking
Pos Team GS
1 Tottenham 86
2 Chelsea 85
3 Man City 80
4 Liverpool 78
5 Arsenal 77
6 Everton 62
7 Bournemouth 55

Most Yellow Cards
Pos Team
1 Watford 83
2 West Brom 80
3 West Ham 77
4 Crystal Palace 77
5 Man United 76
6 Sunderland 76
7 Middlesbrough 76

Most Red Cards
Pos Team
1 Hull 5
2 Watford 5
3 West Ham 5
4 Sunderland 4
5 Man City 4
6 Arsenal 3
7 Bournemouth 3

Most Clean Sheets
Pos Team CS
1 Tottenham 17
2 Man United 17
3 Chelsea 16
4 Southampton 14
5 Arsenal 13
6 Everton 13
7 Liverpool 12
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