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 Free Football Wallpapers 1024x768 Wayne Rooney Wallpapers Manchester United - Download

Wayne Rooney Wallpapers Manchester United
Wayne Rooney Wallpapers Manchester United Football Players English Premier League - Download #1

 Free High Quality Football Wallpapers - Download Now.
  Chelsea Football Club   Michael Ballack   Deco   Didier Drogba   John Terry   Joe Cole   Peter Cech
  Manchester United   Christiano Ronaldo   Rio Ferdinand   Van Der Sar   Owen Hargreaves   Wayne Rooney   David Beckham
  Arsenal Football Club   Cesc Fabregas   Samir Nasri   Emmanuel Adebayor   Theo James Walcott
  Tottenham Hotspurs   Aaron Lennon   Dimitar Berbatov
  Liverpool Football Club   Steven Gerrard   Fernando Torres   Jamie Carragher
  Real Madrid   Robinho   Pepe   Raul   Guti   Ruud van Nistelrooy   Sergio Ramos   Wesley Sneijder   Iker Casillas   Arjen Robben
  Barcelona FC   Lionel Messi   Bojan Krkic
  AC Milan FC   Kaka   Ronaldinho   Andrei Arshavin
  Valencia FC   David Villa
  Inter Milan FC   Juventus FC   Everton FC   Newcastle FC   Manchester City FC   Chivas FC   John Carew

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Upcoming Matches Preview
Date Matches
26/12 Chelsea v West Ham
26/12 West Brom v Man City
26/12 Burnley v Liverpool
26/12 Crystal Palace v Southampton
26/12 Everton v Stoke
26/12 Leicester v Tottenham
26/12 Man United v Newcastle
26/12 Sunderland v Hull
26/12 Swansea v Aston Villa
27/12 Arsenal v QPR
28/12 Tottenham v Man United
28/12 Southampton v Chelsea
28/12 QPR v Crystal Palace
28/12 Aston Villa v Sunderland
28/12 Hull v Leicester
28/12 Stoke v West Brom
28/12 West Ham v Arsenal
28/12 Man City v Burnley
29/12 Newcastle v Everton
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Premier League 2013/14
Po Py Club GD Pts
1 1 Tottenham 1 3
2 1 Swansea 1 3
3 1 Aston Villa 1 3
4 1 Hull 1 3
5 1 Arsenal 1 3
6 1 West Brom 0 1
7 1 Sunderland 0 1
8 1 Leicester 0 1
9 1 Everton 0 1
10 0 Man City 0 0
11 0 Chelsea 0 0
12 0 Burnley 0 0
13 0 Liverpool 0 0
14 0 Newcastle 0 0
15 0 Southampton 0 0
16 1 Crystal Palace -1 0
17 1 West Ham -1 0
18 1 QPR -1 0
19 1 Stoke -1 0
20 1 Man United -1 0
Premier League Status 2013/14
Total Matches Played7
Home Wins14.29%
Away Wins:57.14%
Over 257.14%
Under 242.86%
Total Goals17
Average Goals Per.Match2.43
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