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Tired of searching reliable soccer tips and losing money?
With Us , now you can spend less time searching and spend more time in analyst your favourite football matches in minutes. We simplifies the entire searching and analyst process, making your life a WHOLE LOT easier. was founded in year 2001 (Verify Here) and our team has been establish more than 10 years in giving out soccer tips via our membership. Unlike other paid sites, we do not provide soccer predictions for all matches. Our team only focus on asian handicap tips whereby each week we will pick ONE confidence match for English Premier League.

Our tips are rated 87.9% high chances of winning and our team analyst based on odds movement, insider news and mainly on the soccer statistics we have keep for many years. (Statistics Demo)


Upcoming Matches GMT+8
Date Time Match SP AHO Home Draw Away Stats
16-8-2014 22:00 West Ham v Tottenham 0.25-0 3.35 3.34 2.14
16-8-2014 22:00 West Brom v Sunderland 0-0.25 2.21 3.28 3.23
16-8-2014 22:00 Stoke v Aston Villa 0-0.5 2.03 3.3 3.71
16-8-2014 22:00 QPR v Hull 0-0.25 2.41 3.21 2.97
16-8-2014 22:00 Newcastle v Man City 0.75-0 5.43 3.88 1.59
16-8-2014 22:00 Man United v Swansea 0-1.5 1.36 4.65 8.4
16-8-2014 22:00 Liverpool v Southampton 0-1.5 1.39 4.59 7.71
16-8-2014 22:00 Leicester v Everton 0.25-0 3.05 3.31 2.29
16-8-2014 22:00 Burnley v Chelsea 1.5-0 8.19 4.55 1.38
16-8-2014 22:00 Arsenal v Crystal Palace 0-1.5 1.3 5.12 9.95

Previous Matches GMT+8
Date Time Match AHO Home Draw Away FTR

Super tips Statistics
Overall Results 2013/14 Total tips- Total Win-0.00% Total Draw-0.00% Total Lost-0.00%

Last SUPER PICKS Matches
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Strategy and Reason Behind
I have been providing soccer tips since Year 2001 where was founded. Each year, I have spend around 27 hours a week to analyst and find out a more accurate SYSTEM to beat the bookmakers. And after many years of my efforts, Today I have found out a better way to predict the outcome of a soccer results based on the system that I have built and used since 2008.

Below are the reason behind success since 2001.
1.I will focus solely on English Premier League matches.
2.I will provide Asian Handicap tips only, the chances of winning is more than 85%
3.I will provide 1-2 tips a week due to the time taken to peform analyst, data merging and head to head investigation.
4.I will pick matches which Asian Handicap Odds is Less than 1.0 below.
5.I will pick matches which not fall on mid week.
6.I will post the SUPER tips 5-8 hours before the match kick off.
7.I will post all the history of SUPER tips, transparent to all the members.
8.Since 2013 season, more than 219 active members joining our SUPER tips

Advantages of Asian Handicap Odds
You eliminate the possibility of a draw result, increasing your main winning chance from 33.3% to 50% in a single game. Depending on the handicaps you can win your bet even if the team you bet on don't win the game. You can bet on a team you believe will lose the game, but because of a big handicaps you can still win the bet. Typical here is when the favourite team wins the game with only one goal. When following a live match on TV, tension is always very high since a single goal can take you from losing to winning (or the other way around). If you place multiple bets (accumulator), the number of possible outcomes is much less than in fixed odds (home/draw/away bets. Example for a treble bet, where all 3 selections must be correct). The number of outcomes is 2 x 2 x 2 = 8. With fixed odds betting the number of outcomes is 3 x 3 x 3 = 27.

WARNING: Although the data provided on this page is monitored, you may be aware that this data may be subjected to inaccuracy. If you rely on this data to place bets, you do so entirely at your own risk.Gambling Is Always A Gamble And A High Risks Game. Please bet within your financial means.There is no way that any picks are 100% sure and win. Above picks are based on Asian Handicap Odds. We are not holding any responsibilty on the accuracy of our picks as all the picks shown here are free for viewing. trusted since 2001 to 2013. Specialize in soccer prediction for premier league. Tips Prediction Picks
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Upcoming Matches Preview
Date Matches
16/8 West Ham v Tottenham
16/8 West Brom v Sunderland
16/8 Stoke v Aston Villa
16/8 QPR v Hull
16/8 Newcastle v Man City
16/8 Man United v Swansea
16/8 Liverpool v Southampton
16/8 Leicester v Everton
16/8 Burnley v Chelsea
16/8 Arsenal v Crystal Palace
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Premier League 2013/14
Po Py Club GD Pts
1 0 Man United 0 0
2 0 Aston Villa 0 0
3 0 Leicester 0 0
4 0 Chelsea 0 0
5 0 Burnley 0 0
6 0 Everton 0 0
7 0 Crystal Palace 0 0
8 0 Hull 0 0
9 0 Arsenal 0 0
10 0 Man City 0 0
11 0 West Ham 0 0
12 0 Newcastle 0 0
13 0 QPR 0 0
14 0 Southampton 0 0
15 0 Stoke 0 0
16 0 Sunderland 0 0
17 0 Swansea 0 0
18 0 Tottenham 0 0
19 0 West Brom 0 0
20 0 Liverpool 0 0
Premier League Status 2013/14
Total Matches Played240
Home Wins45.83%
Away Wins:31.25%
Over 248.75%
Under 251.25%
Total Goals645
Average Goals Per.Match2.69
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Football results and data are entered by our team after each game completed. Fixed odds are retrieve directly from Bet365 and we do not hold the ownership of any data/results.

Notice: All date/times posted on this website subject to GMT+0800 (Hong Kong time) unless otherwise indicated.

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